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It's commonly mellow in character which allows it's characteristics to blend with much more sharper and rich flavors. As cheddar cheese is aged it's characteristics become sharper and more pronounced.


This American white cheese is made using cow's milk and features a very mild flavor and sweetness.

Monterey Jack 

Swiss cheeses are a firm texture, mild to medium flavor, and are very nutty and buttery. Swiss is commonly used in cooking to create a "gooey", and "slick, stretchy and runny" texture.


We bet you can’t guess where this cheese comes from!  This cheese can be either found soft in it’s fresh form, or hard once it has been aged. The flavor profile ends up being more tart than cow milk cheeses.


From the great land of Wisconsin, this medium soft cheese is made in brick-shaped form. This cheese has a sweet and mild flavor and becomes ripe with age.


A Midwestern staple, moist pieces of curdled milk are eaten alone as a snack or made into other dishes. Depending on if you’re snacking or cooking we have a flavor profile of curd that will match your taste buds!


This semi-hard cheese is made from United States milk. It is known for its nutty flavor and similarity to cheddar. 


This cheese is known for its incredibly mild flavor that has a sweet after-taste. When smoked, the nutty flavors become much more pronounced.


Britain has very many cheeses that have been unique to its country for hundreds of years. Many of these cheeses are characterized with incredibly sharp taste and richness not found anywhere else in the world.


 Mozzarella’s taste is very mild, but once smoked the nutty and sweet flavors become more pronounced.


Provolonee is semi-hard with a wide spectrum of taste characteristics. Aged provolone deriving a very sharp taste and the smoking of provolone creating a more rich flavor profile.


We carry a good selection of spreads featuring unique additional ingredients as well a broad spectrum of tastes for any palette. Couple these with your favorite crackers and we are in business.

Cheese Spreads

Here is where we keep the interesting cheeses. Feel free to contact us for any information on any of these interesting cheeses.

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