Our Story

Our Little Cheese Stop at the Foot of The Rockies

We have many different styles of cheese. Aged cheddars. Brick cheese. Colby cheese and many others. Don’t forget the cheese curds. All meats are from Usingers in Milwaukee. There are also mustards and horseradish from Silver Springs in Eau Claire. Pickled veggies and gluten free items will be in stock soon. We are constantly looking to expand our product line.

The Cheese Haus Team

Meet Our Team!

No matter what your cheese pallette calls for, these cheese heads will be there to assist you as well as share their own recommendations. 

Some Customer Love


The owner was extremely helpful and friendly. I needed a gift for a friend that loves cheese, but has some allergies to certain things. The owner helped me out getting a gift box designed for him that avoided the allergies.

I will definitely be going back and trying out the different types of cheese and meats for myself in the future!

A very happy customer!

– Robert W. 


This is the greatest cheese place on earth, well, at least in Colorado Springs. Chris, the owner, is great and his love for cheese doesn’t stop at the door. The shop is charming and packed with more than just an amazing array cheeses and memorabilia for those who call Wisconsin home. You can find brats, jerky, pickles, olives, and mustard from the beloved dairy state. I love that he has even included chocolate, honey, and soaps from local artisans. As far as the cheeses go, they are delicious and fresh, and as a former Wisconsinite, I can validate that they are authentic.

– Shannan L.


Chris was extremely friendly, the cheese selection was great! I’ve spent a good bit of time in the Cheese State and finding cheese curds in Colorado is definitely a treat! Will be going back!!! Thanks Chris!!!


Absolutely wonderful cheese store. I went in today for my third and it has been great every time. The sharp cheddar cheese they sell is fantastic. They were out of the Montamore cheese today that I love but they gave me the sample block they had left for free to make up for it.

– Tyler R.